Why us?

We exist to add strategic value to people who move the country: from those in industry to agricultural producers by offering customized corn derivative solutions, and from processing in different volumes and specifications to the form of delivery.

And, since 2014, the Kowalski brand has part of the Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), a global merchant and processor of agricultural products that has been in business for nearly 170 years and is active in more than 100 countries. Through this acquisition, LDC embarked on a new stage in its history in Brazil, by starting to operate more fully in the corn chain in the country and expanding its presence in the sale of products for both B2B and the final consumer. 

For us, quality is fundamental: from the standards of excellence at our factories to our internal relationships and relations with our partners. We provide the best of the world to local clients, in a relentless search for innovation and quality.

Our certifications

Guided by consistency

With our production and stock capacity and our clear rules and processes, we do whatever it takes to ensure supply even in times of scarcity.

Quality partnerships

We always propose solutions with autonomy and transparency to anticipate the problems of our partners and clients. And we never abandon the standards that define our quality.

Constant evolution

We understand the importance of collaborating with our partners and vice versa. We share our successes and mistakes with our network - departments, platforms and countries - and we are always open to learn, innovate and provide the best of the world to local clients.

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